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Formatting Miscues

Sorry for the sorry state of the formatting in the last two articles. I’ve been trying out Google Chrome and while it’s a great browser, it does have some bugs in terms of cut and paste. If anyone out there knows any tricks, let me know.

The NAHB Tears Itself Apart Over Tax Breaks

If ever you needed an illustration as to why the tax code needs to be scrapped in favor of something else, here it is. The National Association of Home Builders has been using all of their political might to get a tax loss carryback included in the various stimulus and budget bills. They finally succeeded […]

Fed Chief Bernanke On 60 Minutes

Chairman Bernanke appeared on “60 Minutes” tonight. I live in the West so it hasn’t aired out here yet but MarketWatch has the early take. The chairman of the Federal Reserve said in a rare interview televised Sunday that the U.S. recession will come to an end “probably this year,” but he also warned that the nation’s […]

Are The Suburbs Doomed?

The recession is bringing out the death of suburbia crowd in droves. How many times have we seen this meme? Higher gas prices, increased heating and cooling costs and most of all sanity will kill the suburbs. The latest one I’ve found was on Yahoo this morning and they picked up from Here’s a […]

Another Obama Appointee In Trouble?

I haven’t heard anything about this but maybe that’s because I’m spending too much time mired in financial news. I do need to get a life. Fast Money (interesting site) reports that Obama’s CIO, Vivek Kundra, has taken a leave of absence. It seems that his former office where he was the Chief Technology Officer was […]

AIG Bonuses Stir Up Washington

I’m tempted to start off with “Oh what a tangled web …” but that’s too easy. The current contretemps surrounding AIG is exactly where one ends up when trying to be too slick. The details are everywhere but as usual the NYT and WSJ have pretty complete, concise coverage, so those two sources will give […]