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Why Do The British Want A World Banking Summit?

For some reason which is obvious to people much smarter than me the British government is trying to arrange a meeting of the world’s largest banks next weekend and ahead of the April 20 G20 summit meeting. Here is what Reuters reports about this: Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group president Nobuo Kuroyanagi would attend the meeting, which […]

Ethanol Needs More Subsidies To Survive

What do you do when even with subsidies an industry can’t survive? Naturally, subsidize it some more. That’s the situation with corn ethanol. Despite tariffs on imported ethanol, tax credits and use mandates the industry continues to struggle. Falling gasoline prices and decreased driving have added to its woes. To solve this problem the industry […]

Californians Whining About The Obama Refi Plan

Anyone care to bet how long it takes the Obama administration to expand the guidelines under their refinance plan? Amid concern that many Californians would not qualify for assistance from the federal anti-foreclosure plan, a powerful state legislator called on the Obama administration to make more homeowners eligible. The plan limits federal refinancing assistance to […]

Is Obama A Radical?

The meme of the week was that all of the woes of Wall Street could be laid at the feet of the Obama budget. It was vilified far and wide as too big, anti-capital, pro-labor — throw in any bromide you care for. I doubt that the budget was all that determinative with respect to the week’s […]

Nothing To Gain And A Lot To Lose In AIG Counterparty Argument

Yesterday I put up a post about AIG and the dust-up over divulging the names of its counterparties. The WSJ came out with the list and it seems to have everyone quite riled up. I said that I didn’t quite get why this was developing into a big deal. Felix Salmon this morning had a post […]

March Madness

I’m a college basketball junkie, so the frenzy that accompanies the last week of the regular season, the talk of who’s in or out of the tournament and of course the race to the “Final Four” makes this time of the year almost as good as Christmas. To kick the madness off, here is a […]