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Quote Of The Day

To make certain that crime does not pay, the government should take it over and try to run it.                                                   G. Norman Collie

US Airways Ditching In The Hudson: We Still Have Guys That Know How To Handle Problems

A fascinating recreation of the US Airways ditching in the Hudson. Listen to the audio as you watch the recreation and marvel at calmness of the pilot and air traffic controllers. Truly remarkable professionals.

Is A Hard Way Eight A Better Bet Than The Stock Market?

I don’t normally pay much attention to day-to-day movements in stock markets but the Asian markets this evening caught my eye. They’re off more than 3% as I write this. Is this the week in which we see some real capitulation in the Dow and S&P? It wouldn’t be a big surprise. Somehow I get […]

EU To Eastern Europe: Look For Help Elsewhere

Led by Germany, the EU turned its back on Eastern Europe today. European Union leaders rejected pleas for a 180 billion euro loan facility saying that the aid should properly come from international agencies like the IMF. So faced with the largest crisis in its history, the EU has come up wanting. Smaller members of […]

Changes In Your AIG Investment Structure

Update @ 7:30 PM New details are emerging on our investment. Here is the link to the WSJ article. There aren’t enough details yet to put everything together but it looks like our IB’s are working hard for us. For instance, they say they’re negotiating hard on the value to assign to the two life […]

Is Nationalization The Right Solution?

The drums keep beating for bank nationalization throughout the blogosphere and even beyond. Today brings some rather unpleasant news on one of the government’s biggest companies — AIG — which ought to make us think twice. There isn’t anything definitive out yet but here from Reuters is how it seems to be shaping up: The revised […]

Why Did Capitalism Fail This Time?

Ever since I read the LA Times article (see post below) about the KB Homes CEO collecting mega-bucks for just, I guess being around, I’ve been wondering what went wrong. I mean, why didn’t the titans of American industry see all of this coming and warn the rest of us or at least keep their companies […]