Houston Decides To Ditch A Dicey Mortgage Plan

In case you missed it earlier today, all the rage in the blogosphere was about the plan advanced by the city of Houston to pay off credit cards for prospective borrowers. The lame brained idea behind this was to lower the balances on homebuyers credit cards which would, hopefully, push up their FICO scores.

About the only people who weren’t offended by this ploy were mortgage brokers. Most of them were too busy signing up their clients to take the time for an interview. Just about everyone else scratched their collective heads and said, “Isn’t this how we got into this mess to begin with?”

Well Houston, we no longer have a problem. The city council seems to have awakened. Without further comment, here is a part of the article in the Houston Chronicle about the fortunate end to this fiasco:

Kris Errickson, a stay-at-home mom from northwest Houston, appeared before council to voice her indignation.

“This proposal is a slap in the face for the average Joe who is trying to get ahead,” Errickson said. “The government should not punish taxpayers and bail out those who cannot buy homes.”

Errickson said later that she and her family moved recently from the Heights to a less-expensive home near Timbergrove. “We adjusted our living so we could afford to live in a house,” she said.

“If you can’t afford it, and you can’t qualify, then you shouldn’t have it,” she said.

Councilwoman Anne Clutterbuck said news of the plan had hit a nerve across the country.

“Giving people the ability to increase their credit score artificially because we’re allowing them to pay off their credit cards is exactly what got us into this (national economic) crisis in the first place,” she said.

Is there a way to get citizen Errickson and councilwoman Clutterbuck into some positions of responsibility in Washington?

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