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Biden’s Family Linked To Robert Allen Stanford

This one may give you a head start around the water cooler tomorrow morning. I’m not going to comment at all other than to point you to a Wall Street Journal article that indicates Vice President Biden’s family was involved with Robert Allen Stanford. Normally I wouldn’t even bother with this but these aren’t normal […]

Nike Takes Full Advantage Of Tiger Woods Return

This one is all over the Internet so I might as well put it up. It’s a cute commercial Nike made for Tiger Woods return.

Commercial Real Estate: The Other Shoe Starts To Drop

Here’s a couple of interesting data points that kind of got buried in all of the news of the day. First from Market Watch, you can almost hear General Growth Properties death rattle as you read this one: Shares of real estate investment trusts, which have been pummeled so far in 2009, were down again […]

A New, Very Useful Fed Website

Have you been having trouble keeping up with all of the Fed’s lending facilities and every bob and weave the central bank takes. Well salvation is at hand. The Fed has set up a new web page that aims to keep you up to date on everything. It’s actually pretty cool. Some graphs showing the […]

How The Relationship Between Taxes And Expenditures Will Be Strained

President Obama is set to go before a joint session of Congress to talk about the economy tomorrow night. While not a State of the Union address (Presidents don’t give one their first year in office) it is taking on the importance of one. On Thursday he will present his fiscal 2010 budget. The New […]

Will Germany Help The EU Pull Through This Crisis?

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard takes a break from his usual the end is nigh approach and delivers a good analysis of the dilemma that faces Germany. In the Telegraph today. He notes that the German finance ministry is drawing up plans for to deal with debt defaults among some of the weaker members of the EU and […]

The Regulators Have Everything Under Control

Here is a link to the joint statement from the bank regulators concerning the banking industry. The following excerpt is probably all you need to spend your time on. “A strong, resilient financial system is necessary to facilitate a broad and sustainable economic recovery.  The U.S. government stands firmly behind the banking system during this period of […]