New Twists In Madoff And Stanford Sagas

I haven’t really jumped on the Madoff/Stanford blogging train. There are plenty of others doing good jobs following the story and even more just milking it to death. However, the news today┬ápertaining to both is just too good to pass up.

It seems Sir Stanford has gone missing again. Having cornered their man yesterday and served him with papers, the FBI went on their merry way and so many have our black knight. It even appears that reports that he gave up his passport were possibly erroneous. Now the story is that he may have been making arrangements to give up his passport.

And it now turns out that Mr. Madoff may not have traded any securities for the past thirteen years. You heard that right. The guy just ran his Ponzi scheme. No extra complications. All of which begs the question of what were his employees doing? Did they just show up surf the Internet and text friends for all those years.

If it’s this easy to get away with things, evade arrest and live the good life why are all of us walking on the right side of the line. Who are the fools?

more: here and here

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