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Quote Of The Day

An excess of law inescapably weakens the rule of law.                                         Lawrence H. Tribe

Santelli Gets The Attention Of The Obama Administration

For those of you following the Rick Santelli rant you’ll find the Obama administration response below. Why they even bothered is beyond me. I was out with some non-financial types this evening and mentioned the whole episode. My comment was met with blank stares. They had never heard of Rick Santelli. Long story short, we […]

They’re May Be A Revolution Boiling

On a par with Rick Santelli’s rant, here is a post from the Bing Blog. Take two minutes and revel in the sarcasm.

Friday Failure

I hate these West Coast Friday failures. I go out have a nice dinner and a couple of glasses of wine and then have to come home and make my fingers work. Life is not fair. Anyway, here is the latest. Only one this week. I assume they are rallying the boys for the Big […]

Fannie And Freddie May Balloon Our Balance Sheet

Remember when we were young and innocent and worried about mundane things such as what in the world would happen if Fannie or Freddie failed. We were assured that could never ever happen and of course if something went wrong it would all be worked out with minimal cost to the taxpayer. Seems like ages […]

Consumer Price Report And Some Thoughts On Inflation From Volcker

In case you missed it, producer prices were up 0.8% in January after falling 1.9% in December. Core producer prices – minus energy and food prices – was up 0.4%. In other words, the deflation devil is not in the room yet. Economic reaction at the Wall Stret Journal Real Time Economics blog included these […]

Dodd Pours Gasoline On The Nationalization Fire

It’s hard to know who to believe when it comes to nationalization. The banking industry has been on a crusade for the past several days trying to beat back the talk and today Senator Chris Dodd cuts them off at the knees. Appearing on a Bloomberg Television program to be broadcast later today, Dodd said […]