A Roundup Of Opinions On Obama’s Foreclosure Plan

If you aren’t already suffering from opinion overload on the President’s foreclosure relief plan, here are some links that will surely get you to that position.

Economists View-A roundup of a number of different views. It contains links so you can spend the entire day reading about this if you choose.

Marginal Revolution-Tyler Cowen has some more links and offers his own views. The comments to his article are really worth reading. His readers offer some uncomfortable observations which is a nice break from the talking points of the politicians and the sound bites of the TV talking heads.

Willem Buiter-Buiter uses the occasion to skewer the entire system of home ownership in the U.S. A long, involved article but worth the read if you have the time and inclination.

I’ll probably put up some thoughts later today. Right now, I’m curious to see how this really plays with the electorate. I said yesterday that I think this is risky politically. I don’t see how you are going to sell this to the American public as anything other than a giveaway to a group of people who are viewed generally as irresponsible.

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