Why Are The Blog Giants Whining?

What gives with bloggers these days? First Barry Ritholtz gets into a pissing match with his publisher and now Willem Buiter is on strike.

Buiter just put up this post whining about not getting the agreed upon editorial freedom promised him by FT.com. Now, I’m of two minds about this. I enjoy Buiter and his irreverence and would like the Times leave him alone to speak his mind. But it is their paper and website and if they want to exercise control it’s well within their rights to do so.

I imagine Buiter gets paid a pretty penny to write his column so if he wants to be like the rest of we bloggers, he can simply download WordPress and start his own blog. Willem, no one looks over your shoulder then and I can even show you how to place AdSense on the site. It will be good for a couple of hundred bucks a month easy with your readership.

Whenever I hear this type of bellyaching I’m reminded of Joe Garagiola’s quote, “If you’re going to take money from someone then you had better be prepared to take his guff.”

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