Cow Eructations Threaten The Planet

There is little redeeming value in this post save for the introduction of a neat new word into your vocabulary. The word is eructation. The definition of that word from the Merriam-Webster online dictionary is: an act or instance of belching.  

I introduce that word to you as it was contained in an article about one company’s ongoing fight against global warming. That company is Cadbury, the chocolate maker, and their contribution to the planet is to find ways to reduce the amount of eructations that come from the cows that produce the milk that is used to make their chocolate. Cadburry is working with farmers to alter the diet of cows in an attempt to reduce the amount of methane that they introduce into the atmosphere due to eructations.

I won’t go into the tedious details about how big a deal this is, you can follow the link below if you want more. Just trust me when I tell you that eructations are playing a part in the melting of the ice caps.

more: here

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