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A Little Different Quote Of The Day

I wrote a post yesterday about the states precarious financial condition. Seeking Alpha picked it up and published it. There were a fair number of comments but one was really poignant. You can scroll through all of them if you like but one was responding to some yahoo who contended that the states had been […]

In Defense Of Corporate Aircraft

This may be one of the most unpopular posts I’ll ever put up but so what. Here goes. Felix Salmon, whom I admire greatly, has a snarky post up tonight on about private jets and the executives who fly them. You’ll have to click his links to see the sarcasm he’s bringing to the […]

Auto Company Restructuring Plans

For those of you who need some light reading this evening, here are links to both the GM restructuring plan and the Chrysler restructuring plan. I have only seen a couple of snap analyses so far and by my reckoning they didn’t have enough time to have put a lot of thought into their comments, […]

Musings That Add Up To Nothing

This seems to be one of those days when either I have absolutely no imagination or there isn’t anything of note happening. Bottom line, I can’t think of a good topic to sound off on. So failing that, let’s look at a bunch of little things that happened today. First, of course, President Obama signed […]

Cow Eructations Threaten The Planet

There is little redeeming value in this post save for the introduction of a neat new word into your vocabulary. The word is eructation. The definition of that word from the Merriam-Webster online dictionary is: an act or instance of belching.   I introduce that word to you as it was contained in an article about […]

SEC Moves On Robert Alan Stanford

OK, let’s do the obligatory post about Robert Alan Stanford and his $8 billion bank fraud and move on. There are a couple links below for those who want to dive into this train wreck and from the New York Times, here is what happened this morning. Stopping what it called a “massive ongoing fraud,” […]

Quotes Of The Day

Two today. One for the optimists, if there are any left out there, and one for the pessimists, the rest of us. Still round the corner may wait, a new road or a secret gate.                                      J. R. R. Tolkien My pessimism goes to the point of suspecting the sincerity of the pessimists.                                     Jean Rostand