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How Do The States Cope With Monumental Problems?

Somewhat buried in all of the talk about fiscal stimulus, bank bailouts, auto company bankruptcies and the generally awful state of the world has been the predicament that the various states of the┬áRepublic are experiencing. The fiscal stimulus plan sticks a wad of gum in this rather large breach in the dike but it won’t […]

Japan May Be Nearing A Radical Move To Save Its Economy

What do you do when you’ve tried just about every avenue economists have dreamed up to stimulate your economy and it just keeps going the wrong way? We may be about to find out. Japan’s economy has been on a roller coaster for a long time. They went to zero interest rates long ago and […]

Can International Exposure Tank Your Next Stock Pick?

I was catching up on some reading today and worked my way through John Mauldin’s recent missive. He had an interesting factoid. According to Mr. Mauldin, 40% of the earnings for the S&P companies come from outside the U.S. Whoa! I suppose I should have thought about that but I haven’t. That is one big […]

A Different Perspective On Stimulus From The ECB

The European Central Bank has come under fire for being much too slow to move against the economic crisis. Maybe they’re on the right track. At a speech today in Brussells, Jean-Claude Trichet warned against laying the seeds for the economic crisis via the solutions imposed on this one. Specifically, Mr. Trichet suggested that not […]