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Stimulus Bill: The Horse Trading Is Done And The Vote Is Imminent

Not that it makes a bit of difference at this point in time but the latest reports on the fiscal stimulus bill do seem to demonstrate how ludicrous this process has become. The House is scheduled to vote tomorrow on the legislation and the Senate is then scheduled to follow either later in the day […]

Disturbing Numbers From The Fed

From the Fed, here are some numbers to think about: Inflation adjusted net worth for the median family increased 17.7% from 2004 to 2007. It stood at $120,300 at the end of 2007. At the end of October 2008 it was $98,900 which is not only 3.2% less than a year ago but 2% less than […]

What The WSJ’s Survey Of Economists Shows

The Wall Street Journal is out with its latest survey of economists’ prognostications. This one polled 52 economists. I think they do this about once a quarter or thereabouts. The previous survey was published in September and the majority saw a turnaround in the first quarter of this year. The mood is decidedly more bearish […]

Mostly Bad News But One Ray Of Sunshine From Retail Sales

Lots of economic data out today. In no particular order here it is with appropriate links. First time unemployment claims eased slightly for the week ending February 7 but the four-week average, the more accurate number, was up 24,000 to 607,500. MarketWatch. Retail sales rose by 1% in January, surprising everyone. For December they were […]