Thanks For Nothing Tim

In less than twenty minutesTreasury Secretary Geithner managed to not only tank the stock market but completely ruin the day for bloggers all over the world. After working themselves up into a frenzy the past few days analyzing leaks and speculative guesses about what he was going to say, the blogosphere was ready to pounce. And he gave them nothing.

Yep, nada, zip, zero. A twenty minute speech rolling out every time tested bromide, delivered in a wooden manner and summed up as a promise to get back to everyone in a week or two with details. It was like the worst striptease you have ever seen. A flash of thigh, a glimpse of a bare shoulder and just when it looked like more was going to be revealed, the lights went out. You know what interruptus to the nth degree.

And so bloggers are sitting in front of their keyboards trying to figure out what to say. If you don’t believe me, just look at this post. Is it desperate or what?

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