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Quote Of The Day

There are few chaste women who are not tired of their trade.                                           La Rochefoucald

The Post Office: Living In Another Galaxy

Can we please get a break. The U.S. Postal Service has announced that it is raising the cost of a first class stamp by two cents in May. Here is their logic (that word is used casually): “The Postal Service is not immune to rising costs which are affecting homes and businesses across America today,” […]

Could The Social Security Trust Fund Buy The Banks’ Toxic Assets?

This is such an off the wall idea that I am sure there are a thousand things wrong with it, or at least a dozen. But I’ve been turning it over in my head all evening and still haven’t figured out if it makes any sense once parsed. So I’m going to just dump it […]

A Couple High Tech Votes In Favor Of The Future

Amid all the hand wringing over Tim Geithner’s flop a lot of people have overlooked a couple pretty positive developments. They aren’t big macroeconomic events, just two good examples of why this country shouldn’t be counted out yet and what it is that will really lead us out of the current morass. Intel announced that […]

Is The Fed’s Independence At Risk?

It may well be much too late but apparently there are a few adults left at the Fed who are beginning to worry about independence. The evidence is hit and miss but Bloomberg noted today that the minutes of the last two meetings indicate a continuing discussion over buying treasuries yet no announced policy thereto, Bernankes […]

Thanks For Nothing Tim

In less than twenty minutesTreasury Secretary Geithner managed to not only tank the stock market but completely ruin the day for bloggers all over the world. After working themselves up into a frenzy the past few days analyzing leaks and speculative guesses about what he was going to say, the blogosphere was ready to pounce. […]