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Why The Wealthy Need To Tone Down The Whining

Don’t think for a second that I like the Obama administration’s assault on private companies that is embodied in the recently announced senior executive pay caps. I consider them as a first wave of further intrusions into the boardroom and part of a philosophical attitude towards the private sector that is far from benign (more […]

Steve Ballmer Talks About The Economy

Steve Ballmer delivered an interesting speech to the Congressional Democratic Caucus yesterday. A lot of it was pumping technology and government support for research and education, apple pie sorts of issues, but he did make some interesting comments about the current and prospective state of the economy. But over time, over the last period of […]

Tearing Apart The Homebuyer Tax Credit

Check out Calculated Risk’s post this afternoon concerning the homebuyer tax credit in the stimulus bill. It’s the bast analysis of bad policy that you’re likely to find.

Why Were So Many Commercial Real Estate Investors So Wrong?

The New York Times has a super story on the sale of Sam Zell’s Equity Office Properties Trust. The deal and its disastrous consequences are neatly summed up in the first few paragraphs. In 2007, Sam Zell, the billionaire Chicago investor, sold a portfolio of 573 properties he had assembled over three decades, Equity Office […]

The Stimulus Bill In All Its Glory

If you are truly desperate for something to read this weekend, here is the stimulus bill. Enjoy and let me know what truly egregious things you find. The Stimulus Bill Publish at Scribd or explore others: Reports Government sale auto