Another Dodger On The Obama Team

Tax Code

Tax Code

Is anyone on Obama’s team vetting his nominees? Now his choice for labor secretary is turning out to be a tax cheat. No that’s unfair. She says it was her husband and she didn’t know anything about it.

It seems that her husband, Sam, had 15 outstanding tax liens totaling $7,630. He paid them on Wednesday. Solis says that although she files joint tax returns with her husband, he is the sole proprietor of the business and all correspondence regarding the business goes to a separate address.

Solis also happens to have been an unpaid board member and treasurer of American Rights at Work, a group pushing the “card check” initiative. Their are issues here with Obama’s ban on lobbying by his appointees although Solis contends she did no such thing. Unfortunately, she neglected to mention her affiliation with this group on her disclosure forms that she completed for the administration as part of the vetting process.

Personally, I say give her the job. That way Geithner isn’t the only tax dodger in the group.

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