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Are The Signs Of The Turn A False Spring?

When Ambrose Evans-Pritchard writes an article intimating that we may be nearing a bottom of this brutal world wide recession you have to sit up and take notice. After all Mr. Pritchard has been as much the voice of doom and destruction of anyone who has written on the subject. Yet here he is in the Telegraph […]

Infrastructure As Defined By The Nation’s Mayors

The U.S. Council of Mayors was asked to come up with their list of “shovel ready” projects that could be included in the stimulus bill and they sure didn’t disappoint anyone. The mayors were able to come up with 18,570 projects that would cost around $149 billion. All of that on short notice too. They […]

Finally A Fiscal Stimulus Plan That Makes Sense

Finally a solution for the best manner in which to construct the stimulus plan. Here is the link to it and I urge you to contact your representatives to promote this solution.

Obama’s Compensation Limits Amount To Zip

My oh my are the bloggers up in arms about the Obama compensation plans. The gnashing of teeth can be heard all the way out here in the West. It turns out that the new regulations are basically pablum. You can get all the details at the Treasury Departments web site. It’s actually pretty short […]

Quote Of The Day

Change is scientific, ‘progress’ is ethical, change is indubitable, whereas progress is a matter of controversy.                                                                         Bertrand Russell