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A Report To GMAC’s Owners

Taxpayers, Here is a bit of financial news on one of the newest additions to your portfolio. GMAC today reported a $7.48 billion fourth-quarter profit! Last year they lost $724 million and for the first three quarters of this year they lost $7.9 billion. Congratulations to all of you. Under your wing things are looking a […]

Economic Numbers Spark Some Optimism

Larry Kudlow aside, there are a few fairly intelligent people venturing forth with the argument that if nothing else, things aren’t getting worse anymore. That’s not to say that they are getting better just that the rate of decline is abating. Across the Curve has an analysis of the auto numbers that came out today. […]

Housing A Little Better. Auto Sales Still Grim

The auto industry posted more bleak numbers for the month of January while the housing industry surprised with a bit of an upbeat report. First, auto sales were once again dismal, In fact, some reports suggest that for the first time ever, China surpassed the U.S. in monthly sales. Here are the figures for those […]