The Daschle Affair

I’ve always felt that Presidents should get the counselors they want. The duty of Congress in approving cabinet secretaries and other functionaries should probably be limited to insuring that they aren’t wanted by some law enforcement agency or simply too dumb to function in the job. Otherwise, do some grandstanding and then let it go.

The Daschle and Geithner affairs still haven’t shaken my commitment to this principle. Neither rises to the level of criminality or ineptness that I believe would disqualify them for their respective jobs. In fact, the whole sorry history of these two may serve some higher purpose. Possibly it will mute at least for awhile the pomposity and hot air that emanates from Capitol Hill. 

That being said, I am having to eat a fairly large helping of crow from my acquaintances. You see, I’ve always been one of those who held that the rich and powerful did not get more breaks than the rest of us. Just a vestigial emotion from high school civics. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to defend that position. At least, I appear to be in the minority judging by the yawns that the revelations about these two have engendered among our leaders. So, there should be little damage done to the Republic’s sense of fair play and equal treatment as a result.

I do have one question that’s nagging at me. This guy, Leo Hindery, appears to be a big private equity player. Should he have been furnishing 1099’s to Daschle? And while we’re at it, did he claim the expenses for the driver and car as deductions? Just asking.

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