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Quote Of The Day

People in a hurry cannot think, cannot grow, nor can they decay. They are preserved in a state of perpetual puerility.                                                                           Eric Hoffer

February: The Month When We Deal With All Of Our Problems

The first two weeks of February should be more than a little interesting. By my count three things are going to come to a head. The fiscal stimulus bill will be passed in some form, TARP ll or some sort of banking bailout bill is going to be proposed and the auto companies have to […]

No Respite For Beleaguered Arizona

Battered and bruised I limp home after the Superbowl party and find this in my email from the Wall Street Journal of all places. “The Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl, defeating the Arizona Cardinals 27-23.” Yes, I know that only too well as do all of the other residents of Phoenix. Bad enough that […]

Quote Of The Day

Instead of a quote I’m going to give you a link. It’s from the Bing Blog, an acquired taste to be sure. This one is a piece of satire concerning the plight of the wealthy in America that will resonate.