Thoughts From Others On Mortgage Cram-Downs

I started compiling some of the articles that I’ve seen recently on cram-downs. I figured that since Congress seems intent on providing for the cram-down of residential mortgage debt in Chapter 13 it would be worthwhile to gather all of this in one place and then look back in a few months.

On the off chance that it might be of interest to any of you, I am going to go ahead and post it. I’ll also create a category for them. The list is by no means of inclusive of all of the good stuff that’s been written. It’s merely what I found useful and I immodestly include my own post in the list. I started with the pro-cram-down articles and end with the anti.


Ed Harrison-Crecit Writedowns

Tanta-Calculated Risk – Probably the best defense of the idea that’s been presented by the sorely missed Tanta. Also a great reprise of the history of the application of cram-downs to mortgage debt in Chapter 13.

Tanta-Calculated Risk – A follow-up she wrote to the post linked above.

Yves Smith-Naked Capitalism

Yves Smith-Naked Capitalism-This post has a few very worthwhile links embedded in it.

Megan McArdle-The Atlantic – Beginning of the antis

Megan McArdle-The Atlantic – Several subsequent articles to the one above. Here, here and here.

Me-Anti-Here, here and here

This is far from being an exhaustive list. If you have any you want to add just leave a comment or send me an email. I’ll put them into the category with no questions asked.

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