If Only Our Leadership Understood This

Justin Fox at the  Curious Capitalist blog had a good, short post on his interview with Peter Thiel, the founder of Facebook. What struck me the most was Thiel’s opinion as to how we get out of this mess.

Then what is going to restart it or who is going to fix it?

I think if it gets fixed it gets fixed sort of on a hidden, micro level. There are lots of small businesses that somehow adapt. People figure out new things to do. And somehow there’s this very flexible adaptation that happens. I suspect there’s no easy top-down fix.

Is it too late to get this guy into Geithner or Bernanke’s job? Maybe we can get Dodd or Obey to resign and convince their governors to appoint him to fill out their term. Imagine, some faith in the system.

Of course, the key question is will government get out of the way and let this happen or is it going to become so monolithic as to stifle the creativity?

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