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Quote Of The Day

I usually don’t try and relate these quotes to anything specific but this one is too relevant to events.                                              Laws go where dollars please.                                                                       Portuguese Proverb

Economists Sound Off On Fiscal Stimulus

I’m suffering from a miserable cold, so posting will be light this evening which ticks me off as there is a lot I want to write about. So, taking the easy way out, here are a couple of things pulled off the WSJ Real Time Economics site. What would the economy look like without fiscal […]

Buy American Provision Irks Our Trading Partners

A week and a half in power and the Obama administration has managed to alienate a goodly portion of our trading partners. When the Telegraph headline reads “U.S.-EU Trade War Looms…”, you know that you have seriously stepped on some toes. The genesis of all of this is the “buy American” provision in the fiscal stimulus […]

The Treasury Market Gets A Little Rocky

One day does not a trend make but the action in the Treasury markets was not pretty today. Across the Curve has all of the details. There has been no lack of commentary about the Treasuries ability to fund the massive commitments that the Congress and administration are making. As I’ve noted before, we’re in […]

Now It’s The Credit Unions In Trouble

If it wasn’t so expensive, the falling dominoes in the economy might be somewhat amusing. Today’s case in point are the credit unions, more specifically the corporate credit unions. The WSJ is reporting that the government moved to guarantee $80 billion in uninsured deposits of the corporate credit unions and will inject $1 billion of […]

Bad News Trifecta

No good news in the economic numbers today. Durable goods orders dropped for the fifth consecutive month. Excluding transportation and military expenditures, they were down 4.9% from last month. For 2008 orders were down 5.7%. That number includes transportation and military related expenditures. The four week moving average of new unemployment claims rose by 24,250 […]

Quote Of The Day

The difference between death and taxes is death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets.                                                                   Will Rogers