How About A Little Fiscal Stimulus For Our Depleted Armed Services?

I wrote a post about this some time ago and I’ve seen several others in the same vein but little from Washington and particularly the Republicans.

I suggested in the previous post that we should seriously look at diverting a significant amount of money from any stimulus bill towards rebuilding our armed forces. The logic was that their basic equipment has been worn out by years of combat and needed to be replaced. I wasn’t referring to high tech purchases, just the basics. The beauty of such expenditures is that they can be done quickly-the manufacturers are geared up for it-and the impact would be immediate. In the lexicon of the day, it’s “shovel ready”. And, it’s money we will have to spend sooner or later anyway.

I revisit the entire topic due to an article in the NY Times this evening. It notes that the lobbyists for the defense industry are gearing up for a piece of a shrinking pie. That’s incredible! We’re on the verge of spending an unconscionable amount of money and the defense budget is being whittled down.

I know it’s spitting into the wind but maybe someone could look at this and carve out more than a small piece for the services. After all, history would suggest that we will need them again.

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