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Quote Of The Day

The most dangerous moment for a bad government is when it begins to reform.                                                                             Alexis de Tocqueville

Thoughts From John Mauldin

I think that I am OK in excerpting and posting this so long as I include the discalimer at the bottom. If I made any errors I apologize profusely in advance. At any rate, there is a lot of information contained in this from John Mauldin’s weekly newsletter. It cuts through a lot of the […]

GM’s Capitulation: A New Industrial Paradigm?

I missed this yesterday. It’s a truly fine article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal on Saturday. The theme is that GM essentially went into business with the U.S. government when it agreed to their rescue terms. The curtain comes down this week on the 2009 Detroit International Auto Show — and with it […]

The Crisis: Who To Blame?

Here is a fun little post from the Guardian. It lists the 25 people at the heart of the credit crisis. I think they missed a few but it’s a bit late so my mind is working slowly. Right now, I think that my old friend Barney Frank should have been included and I think […]

Bad Banks Spreading Throughout Euroland

Things are moving quickly in Euroland today. The Germans appear to be throwing in the towel and getting ready for a massive bank rescue scheme and there is talk of bringing the banks in the EU under the supervision and control of the European Central Bank. The Germans are apparently moving towards the concept of […]

Pelosi And Summers: More Money Needed For The Banks

Lawrence Summers and Nancy Pelosi delivered the bad news this morning. The remaining $350 billion of TARP money is going to be insufficient to take care of the banking system. The Sunday morning news shows are a good way for politicians to ladle out bad news gently. Here is what Summers and Pelosi had to […]