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What’s Up With Geithner’s Comments About The Yuan?

You have to wonder if Timothy Geithner’s written comments, in his response to Senate Finance Committee questions regarding the yuan, were intentional or simply the result of trying to do too much too fast. Here is what he wrote to the Committee: “Obama — backed by the conclusions of a broad range of economists — believes that China […]

Economists On New Home Construction

The WSJ Real Time Economics site is always a good place to visit when major economic date is released. Today, they have a good roundup of thoughts on the housing data. Here is one entry: The bright spot in this report is that there is now so little new homebuilding in the pipeline that the […]

I Tried To Find Some Good News: Really

Not much going on today. John Thain got the boot at Bank of America, the stock market is tanking, Microsoft is going to lay off 5,000 employees. You get the idea, just another day in Paradise. Let’s breeze through the events so far. Evidently Thain and Lewis got together this morning to discuss Thain’s future […]