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Quote Of The Day

Barack H. Obama, Inaugural Address, January 20, 2009  A link to the text and video of his speech.  

Things Aren’t As Bad As 1982: So Why Are We Moving So Fast?

The New York Times notes some interesting statistics in an article today. Boiling it down, they pretty well establish, at least in terms of unemployment, that the current recession is not as severe as the 1982 recession. So why does it seem so much worse. I lived through 1982 and admittedly was in a secure […]

Housing Price Predictions:Take Your Pick

The chief economist of the National Association of Home Builders forecasts that 2009 will mark the bottom of the current housing cycle. Speaking at the International Builders Show (I’ll bet that was a happy affair!), David Crowe said he expects starts to fall another 30% this year and sales to drop 14%. He expects the […]

The French Plan For The Auto Industry

Proving that government assistance to industry rarely proceeds logically, the French have announced that they will provide $7.9 billion to their ailing auto industry. The assistance, however, comes with strings. Addressing a conference of industry executives, government officials and labor union representatives, Prime Minister François Fillon said the government stands ready to provide funds to […]

Watching History

Posting is likely to be light until a bit later. Like all of you I suspect, I have been spending most of the morning enjoying the inauguration. Regardless of who the new President may be I always find the ceremony to be moving and renewing. When there is a real transfer of power from one […]