Krugman And Mankiw Square Off

Admittedly watching two economists go after each other is kind of like watching a couple of sixty year old men having a fistfight in a parking lot. It’s decent entertainment for a couple of minutes but then you realize that what you’ve already seen is about as good as it’s going to get. Likewise, the ruckus that Paul Krugman and Greg Mankiw are kicking up is amusing.  

In the Blue Corner we have Krugman and in the Red Corner Mankiw. In the first round, Krugman lands a hard left to Mankiw’s brow accusing him along with his cronies of letting politics trump sound economics. He lands another left when he notes that Mankiw is linking to like minded thinkers on his blog. Mankiw comes back with a chopping right to Krugman’s ample gut noting that he and his cohorts are not captive to group think. 

And that’s where the first round ended. Like those old men, these two may be too spent to continue but if they do, I’ll recap the action for you.

Here are the links to Krugman V Mankiw.

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