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Too True

Making the rounds this afternoon is this picture.

Is There Any Danger Of The EU Imploding?

Earlier this week, Jake who writes the EconomPicData blog asked for input from his readers as to whether or not one or more members of the European Union might opt out of the compact. His question was prompted by a lot of back and forth in the European press as to whether or not such […]

Why It’s Going To Be A Long Haul For Phoenix Real Estate

The Urban Land Institute had its annual Phoenix real estate conference on Thursday. The conference is well regarded as it tends to bring in outsiders without any axe to grind to offer their assessment of the Phoenix real estate market and its prospects. The analysis presented by the participants wasn’t too attractive. “Growth locally (in […]

Friday Failure ll

Oops, I missed one last night. Hurrying too much to get out and about. The FDIC also shut down the Bank of Clark County in Vancouver, Washington. From MarketWatch here are the details: Also on Friday, the Bank of Clark County, Vancouver, Wash. was shut down and the FDIC was named receiver. The FDIC said […]