What Do The Economists Know For Sure?

Tell me once again why we let these people design our economic policy.

Amity Shales has a new post up that discusses the New Deal and the Great Depression. Actually, she doesn’t really discuss that subject┬árather she talks about whether or not economists agree on the impact of the New Deal in helping to turn around the economy versus World War ll. At least that is what I think she is talking about because it is all very convoluted and has lots of links that take you to other convoluted arguments that feature economists mostly arguing one side or the other. Apparently, this is a long simmering argument that has been brought back to a boil by the current economic consequences.

My God, folks, it’s been, say, sixty years or so that you have had┬áto figure out some of this and there still isn’t a consensus? You don’t really know what worked or didn’t work? And now we’re about to spend several trillion dollars based on your recommendations. I am beginning to think that I would feel just as comfortable with a Ouija board.

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