Job Hunting-Day 3

Not much to report. Basically I decided to do two things. One advertise on Craiglist to see if I could get some writing gigs-actually got one-and two decompress. That’s a word that one uses when one doesn’t want to face reality.

I did get a call from a guy from Primerica and set up an appointment to meet with him on Friday. I have no idea how or where he got my name and cell number but it should be interesting to talk to a Citi someone in a Citi company. Can’t imagine myself selling stocks to anyone given my penchant for throwing spears but what the hell, it’s some social interaction if nothing else.

I only intend to bore you with this for two more days. After that a post once or twice a week.

I forgot to add, that if you want to see all of these posts just input jobĀ in the search box. I’ll set up a category in the next day or two.

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