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Job Hunting-Day 3

Not much to report. Basically I decided to do two things. One advertise on Craiglist to see if I could get some writing gigs-actually got one-and two decompress. That’s a word that one uses when one doesn’t want to face reality. I did get a call from a guy from Primerica and set up an […]

Is This A Dead Man Walking?

Fair warning here, this is going to be a political post so tune out if you choose. It looks to me like Timothy Geithner is dead meat. Frankly, I don’t necessarily think that’s a good outcome but fair is a word rarely used in politics unless a Congressperson is making a speech. The word out […]

Will Federal Money Cure Arizona’s Budgetary Woes?

It’s been awhile since I featured any Phoenix news, so  on the eve of the fiscal stimulus bill, or almost the eve, I thought I’d review some of the grisly details about the state of the city and state’s finances. It isn’t pretty. Basically, Phoenix is looking at the prospect of cutting some $270 billion […]

Jobs Taking Medical Leave Of Absence

Apple announced that Steve Jobs was taking a medical leave of absence to attend to health problems “more complex than originally thought.” Here’s hoping he makes a successful recovery. Geniuses are in short supply today. more: here

BofA Seeks Feds Help With Merrill Acquisition

According to the WSJ, Bank of America, is now next in line to get more government aid. Apparently, talks have been going on with the Fed and Treasury since mid-December when BofA informed them that given the size of potential losses from its acquisition of Merrill Lynch that it might not be able to complete […]

Why Houses Weren’t The Only Bubble

Jake at put up this chart this morning. Like a lot of his work, it makes a point with little need for a lot of elaboration. We all know auto companies like a lot of other retail merchandise relied on financing to goose the growth of the last few years. What we probably don’t […]

The Beige Book Paints Another Black Picture

The infamous beige book report was released by the Fed. Initial reports are that it makes for somewhat grim reading. The WSJ Real Time Economics site says that the report paints a picture of a financial sector still in a downward spiral. The New York Fed reported that “a contact monitoring the financial sector maintains […]