What’s It Like To Look For A Job In A Recession?-Stay Tuned And I’ll Tell You

Fortunately and unfortunately I get to indulge my passion for blogging a bit more over the next few weeks. So expect to see more than just my usual evening posts.

This somewhat happy happenstance is brought about by my decision to sever myself from the firm for which I had been primarily consulting with for the past few years. All in all an amicable departure, at least as amicable as those things can be.

So, for better or worse (I think you can figure out the appropriate descriptive word there) I find myself in the position of looking for employment in less than an ideal economy. It should be interesting.

I hesitated to put this post up but then decided it might be a nice diversion to write about something dealing with immediate personal reality as opposed to the abstractions one tends to deal with when writing a blog. So for the next few days or weeks (hopefully only a few) I’ll give you a daily update of what it’s like to fight through all of this.

I’m not sure it will add to your body of knowledge but it will be good therapy for me.

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