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What’s It Like To Look For A Job In A Recession?-Stay Tuned And I’ll Tell You

Fortunately and unfortunately I get to indulge my passion for blogging a bit more over the next few weeks. So expect to see more than just my usual evening posts. This somewhat happy happenstance is brought about by my decision to sever myself from the firm for which I had been primarily consulting with for […]

Quote Of The Day (On Models)

Had there been a computer a hundred years ago, it would probably have predicted that by now there would be so many horse-drawn vehicles it would be impossible to clear up all the manure.                                                                             K. William Kapp

Are Americans Going To Keep Relocating?

There has been some discussion and speculation as to what the housing crisis and recession have done and will do to migration within the United States. Questions are posed as to whether or not the two have put a serious crimp in the vaunted mobility of American labor. A good article in New Geography doesn’t […]

Humor Break

What Questions Need To Be Asked About Fiscal Stimulus?

The New York Times is on a roll today. Some editor from the WSJ must have sneaked in and planted the articles. First, as pointed out in a post below, they note President-elect Obama’s ever growing job creation promises then they publish economist Greg Mankiw’s editorial posing some awkward questions to consider about fiscal stimulus. The […]

How Congress Plans To Bring More Under The TARP Umbrella

Here is a bit of tea leaf reading via Housing Wire. The site reported Friday on some details from Barney Frank on the outline of his bill to amend the TARP. Here’s an overview. The six sections of the outline include a modification of the TARP and its oversight, foreclosure relief, clarification of the automobile […]

Is Obama Digging A Hole On Jobs?

I’m sure it pained them but kudos to the New York Times for pointing out the incredible escalation in the number of jobs that the Obama team claims to be able to create. Recall that we started out on the campaign trail with a promise to create 1 million jobs. After the election we heard about 2.5 million […]