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Quote Of The Day

It has been said that though God cannot alter the past, historians can-it is perhaps because they can be useful to Him in this respect that He tolerates their existence.                                                                      Samuel Butler

The Obama Economic Argument For Its Stimulus Plan

If you are bored with football, hate football or just want something to read while you watch football, here is a link to the Obama administration’s argument for their fiscal stimulus plan. It isn’t really too wonkinsh and is mercifully short. Actually, it looks like they were reasonable in their assumptions about what the bucks they […]

Nobody Told The UAW They Couldn’t Strike

A couple of days ago an article popped up in the Wall Street Journal which I’ve been meaning to highlight but got squeezed for time. I didn’t see it get much play elsewhere, so maybe others didn’t find it as interesting as I. The article noted that as part of their agreement with the government, GM […]

With Friends Like These …-Obama Gets Hammered On Fiscal Stimulus

Now you know why Franklin Roosevelt refused to engage on the economy until after his inauguration in 1993. The arrows that have already been launched President-elect Obama’s way over his fiscal stimulus plan are numerous and coming from all quarters. Here is Krugman on the plan: Whatever the explanation, the Obama plan just doesn’t look […]