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Quote Of The Day

I rarely comment on the quotes I post. Today, I will. This from Friedrich Nietzsche is well worth remembering as you ponder the prognostications of writers. The historian looks backwards. In the end he also believes backwards.                                           Friedrich Nietzsche

Recommended Read

Paul Kedrosky who writes Infectious Greed had a really good post featuring a venture capital veteran opining that the VC business is washed up. A really interesting read.

The ABA Says Citi Is Off The Reservation On Cram-Downs

Last night I put up a post about Citi throwing in with the Congressional Democrats on mortgage cram-down legislation. I speculated that Citi was probably just doing its new masters’ bidding. Since then a couple of stories, both from Housing Wire have come out that adds a bit more meat to the bone. The first […]

This Employment Report Is No Way To Start A New Year

Despite the fact that the decline in non-farm payrolls was less than expected last month-524,000-today’s employment report was awful. Unemployment is up to 7.2%, though some put it as high as 13.5% using a measure that includes part time workers and those that have given up on the job market. See the graph below courtesy of Jake […]