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Quote Of The Day

Intuition becomes increasingly valuable in the new information society precisely because there is so much data.                                                                John Naisbitt

How To Make Money Out Of Sunshine

As you are about to see, my mind is wandering all over the block this evening. It stopped on the question of how Arizona can cash in on the renewable energy tidal wave, particularly how it can charge for sunshine. A little background. Arizona is on its back. The state is broke and probably needs […]

Great Post On Bonds Versus Equities

I have little to say on this other than to go to Felix Salmon’s latest post on the relative merits of bonds versus stocks. It’s a brilliant, short and precise discourse.

It Looks Like Mortgage Cramdowns Are Coming

Does it strike anyone else as somewhat strange that so much time and effort was put into getting Citi to be the lead dog on the cave in to bankruptcy mortgage cramdowns. I know that it’s not unusual for this sort of legislation to get hammered out in the backrooms of Congress. No problem with […]

Text Of Obama’s Speech On The Economy

If you haven’t read President-elect Obama’s speech today here is a link to it. Overall, I thought it was a pretty good rally the spirits sort of address. Not much new in terms of actual policy but he seems to be sticking to his base plan of combining tax cuts with direct federal spending. At […]

Europe’s Economy Contracting At Great Depression Rates

We live in one very tightly connected economic system, so what happens elsewhere matters a great deal. Today, the news out of Europe is gruesome. A report in the graphically illustrates just how sick the Continent has become. German exports and industrial orders have both plunged at the steepest rate since modern records began […]