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Quote Of The Day

Some guy hit my fender and I told him, “Be Fruitful and multiply.” But not in those words.                                     Woody Allen

Obama Throws Tax Increases Into The Mix

Just what we need. It looked like President-elect Obama was on a roll and now he starts waffling. In a world full of uncertainties his best currency is decisiveness. In an interview on CNBC this evening, he said that he was unsure of whether or not the Bush tax cuts would be allowed to expire in 2010. Come […]

A No Nonsense Discussion Of Fiscal Stimulus

This set of opinions is going to be hard to swallow. They are from an economist, Hal Varian at UC Berkley. Unfortunately he writes in plain English with out a lot of charts, graphs or Econspeak. So buck up and take a look. I really want to post the whole article but that would be […]

Why Not Study The Data On Loan Modifications?

This is a curious post that I came across at the WSJ Real Time Economics site. Strange only because I can’t find a link to follow to the author. Otherwise it’s fascinating. It is short, so let me post the whole thing. Global Response: Writing Time’s Curious Capitalist blog, Barbara Kiviat says that the data […]

Congress Starts Redoing Fiscal Stimulus

Well that didn’t take long, did it? Even though they got sidetracked for a day or two by whether or not to seat a replacement for Mr. Obama’s seat, even though they knew they had no choice, Congress started to get down to the business they know and love best. Spending your money. Today marked […]

Quote Of The Day

If a traveler were informed that such a man was leader of House of Commons, he may well begin to comprehend how the Egyptians worshipped an insect.                            Benmamen Disraeli on Prime Minister Lord John Russell