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How Much Can The ECB Do About Deflation?

Here is my nomination for misleading headline of the year-so far.   Fed, ECB prepare to tackle deflation head-on That’s from Reuters this evening. It’s part of an article in which Janet Yellen is quoted extensively about the Fed’s intention to not let deflation get the better of the country. Lucas Papademos, vice president of the ECB, is […]

An Economic Blog Worth Reading

Via Infectious Greed, here is an economics blog that you might want to visit from time to time. Its name is Financial Crisis and Recession. Lots of graphs but the writing is surprisingly good and not too far over the top. You might want to check out their article on prices and consumption in November. They postulate that […]

How To Catch Up With The Less Important Stuff

Three articles in the NYT are being touted on the blogosphere today. One is by Michael Lewis and is about the end of the financial world. The second is by Lewis and David Einhorn and is a continuation of Lewis’s article and the third by Joe Nocera delves into Risk Management. Nocera’s article is loooong and […]

Asia’s Export Economies-A Failed Model?

The Wall Street Journal has a dry but important piece this morning on the decline in Chinese manufacturing. The numbers that the Chinese are reporting may or may not accurately reflect the reality of the current state of the Chinese economy but even if puffed up they point to an economy heading towards recession. Which […]

Putting A Racial Spin On Economic Recovery

What gives with the racism attacks on the Bush administration by the Washington Post and New York Times opinion guys over the past two days. You would think that after kicking butt in the election they would be happy to just enyoy the Holidays and swing back into action next week. First, Krugman steps out […]