How Much Does A Job Cost?

The boast of the incoming¬†Obama administration is that they plan to create 3 million new jobs via their fiscal stimulus plan. I don’t know how you would ever prove whether that happens or not but ignore that point for now.

If I did the math right, that works out to $200,000 per job. I don’t know if that’s reasonable but it does strike me as an awful lot of money to create one job. Does anyone have any idea as to how one might figure out the dollar input in the private sector that is necessary to create a new position?

As an aside, if they want to just give me $200,000, I would promise to spend a goodly amount of it on electronics, clothing and whatever else might help the economy. After all, isn’t that the point. To get us all to start spending like we did in the past? Just slip me the money, I’ll do my part and all that extra spending will help create jobs for other people.

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