Some Very Light Reading From The New York Times

If your taste runs to instant history with very little substantive support for the thesis then here are two articles from the New York Times for you to peruse. They both have Gretchen Morgenson’s name attached to them so that should be warning enough.

The two articles again deal with the mortgage industry and its corruption. Sound like something you’ve read before? Like most of this stuff, there is a lot of accusation based on conversations with the flimsiest of sources. I was particularly impressed with her use of a jailed crack addict as one of the main sources for her story on WAMU. At any rate if you have lots of spare time the links are here and here.

On the other hand if you want to spend a quick two or three minutes on a review of what would appear to be a worthwhile book on “Modern Financial Insanity” then take a look at this from Daniel Gross. Again in the Times. The book looks like it would be a good read.

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