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Some Very Light Reading From The New York Times

If your taste runs to instant history with very little substantive support for the thesis then here are two articles from the New York Times for you to peruse. They both have Gretchen Morgenson’s name attached to them so that should be warning enough. The two articles again deal with the mortgage industry and its […]

Going Green May Be A Little Harder For Obama

Barack Obama has led something of a charmed political life this year. From his improbable defeat of Hillary Clinton to the walkover of John McCain it has been a case of just about everything breaking in his favor. It looked like at least the first few months of his new administration would continue down the […]

What’s The Best Stimulus For The Economy?

From all appearances, fiscal stimulus in the form of massive government expenditures would seem to be the unanimous choice to cure whatever ails the economy. One has to search far and wide to find any dissenting opinions or even thoughtful discussion about the advisability of going all in on the concept. Fortunately, Lawrence Lindsey has offered […]

Reminders Of Other Perils From The Mideast

Hamas and the Israelis have reminded us that there are more perils about than just financial ones. Israel increased the level of attacks on Hamas in the Gaza Strip and indicated that it is preparing for a long campaign. Hamas responded by firing rockets into Israel and threatening to reintroduce suicide bombings into Israeli society. […]