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Merry Christmas

The Fed Approves GMAC’s Bank Application

The New York Times is out with a report that the Fed has approved GMAC’s application to become a bank. So you can add several more billion dollars to the Detroit bailout commitment as GMAC will now be able to tap the TARP. The anomalies just keep getting stranger and stranger as this moves on. […]

An Introduction To Quantitative Easing

Here’s a tutorial on quantitative easing with a nice ending. Quantitative easing from Marketplace on Vimeo.

Christmas Eve Business News

Here are a few business news items for your review and immediate discard from your mind as you move onto much more joyous thoughts over the next few days. Core inflation slowed to 1.9% in November. The recent peak was 2.4% in July. Actually, this drop was somewhat on the positive side as the components didn’t show any […]