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Valuing Assets-Does Anyone Have A Clue?

Value and whether or not any one has a handle on it is an idea that has been bouncing around in my head for about a month. Here are a couple of items that would indicate that everyone is guessing. AIGannounced that it sole Hartford Steam Boiler for $743 million. It bought the company in […]

Disturbing Economic News From Asia

Continuing my meme that the biggest threats we now face are external, let me point you to a couple of items. As reported in the Telegraph, Japan has experienced two consecutive months of a trade deficit despite a considerable tailwind from falling oil prices. The shock data came as the Japanese Cabinet Office warned that the […]

Now The Commercial Real Estate Guys Want A Handout

If you read this earlier and are just now scraping yourself off of the ceiling, I apologize making you go ballistic once more. The WSJ and others reported that the new beggar at the Treasury’s bailout window is the commercial real estate industry. A recent letter sent to Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, and signed by […]

The Right Way To Do QE

Just in case you were wondering how fast the Fed has expanded the monetary base, here’s a graph (click on it for a larger view) from FTAlphaville that pretty much puts it into perspective. The point of the article is that the U.S. has not only been much more agressive at the outset than was Japan […]

California Will Lead Us To The Promised Land

As if the country didn’t have enough on its plate, we get this little bit of news. Yahoo reports that the influence of California both within the Obama administration and in both houses of Congress is going to be substantial. Though it’s a little hard to take, here is a sample of the hyperbole: Perhaps […]

Another’s Take On Quantitative Easing

Steve Randy Waldman doesn’t put up a lot of posts but when he puts one up it covers a lot of ground. This one on the Fed, its balance sheet and its plans is well worth reading.

Quit Whining About The Winter Weather

I know it’s been a miserable start to Winter, it’s even cold in Arizona, but it could be worse. Take a look at what these people put up with.