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Pre-Packs Getting Lined Up For January

I just came across this in the . It wasn’t specific as to what country it was referring to but I don’t know any others that have bankruptcy laws that use the term pre-pack. At any rate it suggests that a lot of pre-packaged bankruptcies are lined up for the first of the year. […]

Some Cartoon Relief

Ignoring History And Veering Towards Protectionism

The dangerous part of the current world economic crisis is just getting underway. Events that can’t be controlled by a Federal Reserve, Bush or Obama administration are starting to unfold and the eventual impact they may have is not now known. Throughout history, sudden shifts in economies and the weal of the majority have resulted […]

How Risky Is Quantitative Easing?

When the Fed announced its move to ZIRP as well as its intention to move aggressively to quantitative easing, I called it the Great Experiment. At that time I said it made me uneasy and the more I think about it and the more I read, the more queasy I become. Though the move was […]

HOA Mine Fields

The housing crisis keeps finding more ways to bite homeowners in the butt. The Arizona Republic has a couple of good articles on the problems that homeowners are facing with their homeowner associations. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, most new subdivisions in the sunbelt are governed by home owners associations of HOA’s. […]

James Grant Wants To Know Who Will Buy Our Greenbacks

If you are unfamiliar with James Grant, do yourself a favor and read his latest missive in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal. It is overly long and probably attempts to cover too much but still it is vintage Grant. Basically, he asserts that the Fed approach at this point in time is destined to fail simply […]

How Deep Is Emanuel In On The Blagojevich Affair

What do you think the odds are that Rahm Emmanuel is still the Chief of Staff for Obama come the end of January. I’ll take bets that it is close to zero. The press reports are heating up and drawing all sorts of connected dots between the erstwhile confidant of Obama and the indicted governor. […]