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Nobody Can Figure Out How To Bailout The Car Companies

Earlier it looked as if GM and maybe Chrysler were going to be pushed towards the bankruptcy courts by the Bush administration. Now we hear via Bloomberg that the outgoing group might extend them enough money to get them to March. This is getting curiouser and curiouser. According to the article, which is woefully short […]

Further Thoughts On The Great Experiment

Good stuff from Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in the Telegraph today. He presents a sober analysis of the Fed’s move to ZIRP and its embrace of Quantitative Easing. It has not only cut rates to near zero for the first time in US history, it is also conjuring $2 trillion of stimulus out of thin air. This […]

Will Consumers Buy From A Bankrupt Auto Company?

I’ve read several blog lately that advance as one of their arguments against a bankruptcy of any of the Big Three automakers a study that claims that 80% of buyers would not buy a car from a company in bankruptcy. They neglect to cite the source but do consistently assert the statistic. I did a little digging and […]

Another View Of Regulation

In addition to the post below, here is another view of regulation from the WSJ today. The Journal has consistently held that regulation is not the be all and end all for preventing the types of problems we have recently encountered. It’s a position that I’m not unsympathetic to. Their chronicle of the resources that […]

White House May Be Leaning To BK For GM

It looks like the Bush administration is going to kick the auto problem into the bankruptcy courts. That maybe where it has belonged all along. Market Watch is reporting that the Bush people are saying that an orderly bankruptcy is one course of action they are considering for the auto companies. The fact that they […]

Thoughts On Regulation

I wrote this some time ago and never got around to publishing it. I was never quite satisfied with what I wrote and I’m still not, but in light of the Madoff Affair, I decided to throw it on the blog. Everyone else has had a shot at trying to pin the blame for the […]