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Alt-A Loans Continue To Spiral Down

I haul out this chart every couple months. It seems there is always something that makes it relevant again. Today it’s a report from Fitch Ratings that says it expects losses on Alt-A loans to far exceed its earlier downgraded assessment. As you look at the Fitch commentary keep in mind that they include both Alt-A […]

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What’s The Real Story With Bernie Madoff

I hesitate to bore you with another story about Bernie Madoff as I’m sure most of you are suffering from over exposure at this point. But the more I read, the less any of it makes sense. Right now there are all sorts of accusations floating around about how the SEC was asleep at the […]

Dispelling A Foreclosure Myth

A lot of people, some with advanced degrees, have been perpetuating an argument that if you just throw out the top five or so states with the most foreclosures then the problem really isn’t as bad as it might seem. Unfortunately, there is some real bad math involved with this approach. On HousingWire, Paul Jackson, shows […]

Some Say There Is No Credit Crunch

I just have a few minutes here, but I would like to direct you to a post at It quotes from a research report from Celent. The gist of the report is that there is no credit crunch. You may recall that the Minneapolis Fed said as much about a month ago. That report […]