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It Didn’t Take Long For This Part Of The Economy To Jump On

The litigators aren’t known to be a bunch of shrinking violets. Still, when I came across this Google ad while scrolling through my reader I was taken aback by their audacity. Just a note, the link will take you to the click throug ad. The Google ad was titled “Bernanrd Madoff Fraud?”. Cute, huh?

Fannie As A Landlord-A Singularly Bad Idea

Making the rounds tonight is a proposal that the GSE’s will not evict renters from properties on which they foreclose. How do they intend to manage this process? This has disaster written all over it. Herewith a few observations: The rental contract exists between the owner of the property and the tenant. If one of […]

Sorry, The Cartoon Writers Are Losing Their Edge. This Was The Best I Could Do.

A Lack Of Arbitrage

Here’s a link to a short, interesting article on the Economist’s site. It neatly points out that although there is no lack of arbitrage opportunities in the market at present, they aren’t being exploited. The reason, fear of counter party risk and the inability to leverage. Trust among market participants may return but the ability […]

Securitization And Bank Regulation

Felix Salmon had a gem of a post at the other day. In it he talks about low-information assets and high-information assets. The former being things like bank deposits and money market funds and the latter being stocks and CDO’s. One of the points of the post was that the transformation of low-information assets […]

Will Obama Govern From The Center?

It’s admittedly only a parlor game, but prognosticating about what a new president is likely to do is nonetheless part of the American tradition. In the case of Barack Obama the game is even more fascinating. The man is for all intents and purposes a cipher. His meager legislative record gives little clue as to […]