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An Alternative View Of Fiscal Stimulus

I don’t know about you but I have a bad feeling about the way we are all rushing around enacting new programs and blithely assuming that giving politicians somewhere in the neighborhood of a trillion dollars or so to spend on stimulus. We need a few people to say wait a minute! Let’s step back […]

More Rot On Wall Street

A couple of days ago I published a post about the seeming lack of ethics in this country. It was spurred by the misdeeds of the Governor of Illinois but represented some ideas I had been kicking around in my head.  After I wrote it, I thought it might have been a bit too sanctimonious […]

There Is No Chance That Detroit Won’t Get Its Money

The news of the day was that the Republican’s were balking at the Detroit bailout plan and would scuttle everything. I’m sorry, but as much as I would like to see this resolved by the courts there is no way that any politician is going to do anything that would cause the plan to fail. […]

A Break From Gloom And Doom

Just to lighten things up a bit, here are a couple well written fun articles. The first is from Slate and suggests a good reason or two to lighten up on Obama’s smoking habit. It also does a good job of giving props to Barbara Walters and Tom Brokaw for their ace reporting on the subject.  The […]

Credit Union Shenanigans

Note: I published this last night and WordPress ate part of the post (user error is not an acceptable explanation) so I have recreated it as best I could. Are you for some more acronyms? Brought to you by those friendly folks at your neighborhood credit union I want to introduce you to The NCUA, […]